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Wooly Mammoth (Sativa) AAAA


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Mammoth also called the Wooly Mammoth is a Sativa with larger-than-life flowers, flavors, and buzzy effects. The Wooly Mammoth is a cross between unique hybrid LA Confidential and the very resinous Snowcap. It is a great strain for consumers who want to illuminate their daily agenda without becoming totally incapacitated. Mammoth’s THC levels have been measured at between 12% and 21%.

Mammoth’s flowers are usually Mammoth-sized,  these huge buds have the dense, tightly-packed structure that more commonly comes with indicas. Mammoth’s buds are coated in translucent white trichomes, which account for the strain’s psychoactivity and makes it hard to break up without a quality grinder. Mammoth gives off a pleasant scent reminiscent of honey or molasses. These sweet scents are accented by a fruity, citrus-like character.