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Trident (Hybrid) AA


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Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 6%

If this strain brings to mind images of nuclear missiles, it’s no accident. Though THC levels are typically low, less than 6%, Trident delivers a massive dose of CBD, 12%, making it an ideal choice for treating childhood epilepsy and other conditions that respond to CBD. It’s a near-even sativa-dominant hybrid, though the exact numbers are unclear. But they’re mostly beside the point; Trident is prized for its medical effects rather than its high, which is subtle at most. Yet the THC helps ease pain and other physical symptoms without clouding the mind. This strain is best used to treat severe seizure disorders, chronic pain, and anxiety, though it can also be helpful with patients who experience nausea. Some negative effects are reported, including dry eyes and anxiety, but they appear to be limited. Trident has a pungent pine aroma and an earthy flavour.