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Sophisticated Lady (Indica-Hybrid) AAAA


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Sophisticated Lady is an Indica-dominant hybrid that will amaze you with its vigor and gorgeous dense nugs. This Lady is truly the full package, with a colorful spectrum of smells and hues. She’s perfect for evening relaxation, so pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!


Effects: Sophisticated Lady cannabis strain’s high will leave you filled with giggles and red eyes. Too devastatingly potent for newbies. It provides an all-over stone that promises to numb and dumb. Better for quiet introspection than social scenarios.
Taste & Aroma: There’s an equally bright rainbow of smells including citrusy chocolate and burnt rubber, against blossoms and gassy skunk.
They grow with fantastic vigor, and towers of sticky, chunky, and dense nugs present themselves. They are colorful, with notes of crimson, canary, violet, and the standard green hue.