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High Voltage Extracts PURE Sauce Cartridges


Voted Most Potent Vape Cart on the market. Also Some of our Most Favorite cartridges here at BP, that are on the market right now. Very potent, a few pulls on one these and your ready to tackle anything that comes your way or simply wind down and relax after a long day. Cleanest and Most Potent that we personally use daily!

Various Strains

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High Voltage Extracts Sauce Carts are the ultimate Cannabis vaping experience. They are created through a very lengthy and careful curing process, which removes plant lipids and also partially decarboxylates THCa from Terp Sauce. Once the THCa converts to the point where it will remain stable in an oil form, this unique Full Spectrum Extract is poured into a vape cartridge. Each cartridge is actually the complete profile of terpenes and cannabinoids of an individual strain of plant, when it was alive and nothing else! It makes the perfect dab on the go.

Compatible on rechargeable vape pens with a 510 thread.

Weight: 1gr.

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Afghan (Indica), Blue Mataro (Indica), Bubble Gum (Hybrid), Ciroc (Hybrid), Clementine (Sativa), Cotton Candy Grapes (Hybrid), Gelato (Hybrid), GMO Zkittles (Hybrid), Grease Monkey (Hybrid), Lemon OG Cookie Haze (Hybrid), McFlurry (Indica Hybrid), Ortega (Indica), Pink Lady (Sativa Hybrid), Purple Star Killer (Indica Hybrid), Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid), Wedding Cake (Indica Hybrid)


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