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Crown Chakra (Indica) AAAA


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Strain Overview: A GDP X Thai Haze temptress of refined indica dominance with possibly some Kalichakra promiscuity. Crown Chakra is said to be genuinely vetted in producing the best pain relieving properties of posh purple pedigree crossed with the mind blitzing distinction of aristocratic Southeast Asian influences. This Crown Chakra emanated an aromatic lilac lavender woodsy wildflower florescence, with an added kick of spiced up purple licked finish. Sweeter internally sour grapeish notes ultimately do battle with more the aggressively balancing woodsy incense. Smooth with more primary albeit intermittently present purple, sour whisks of flowery lavender mix with deeper heavier baseline musty earthiness of this Crown Chakra. A transcendental centered taste that opens with varying levels of noticeability. This Crown Chakra indica opens with a building wave-like onslaught of increasingly physical heaviness and depleting mental agility. Appetite activating, pain relieving, and stress relieving properties gained most notable prominence, as a more balanced mix of light to the head heavy to the body eventual probable sleep producing results settle in for some time.